First Day of School Celebration

Discussion in 'Elementary Education Archives' started by TeachtheWorld, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Jun 7, 2004

    I'm teaching 1st grade and our school is participating in the First Day of School celebration. Parents are invited to come to the child's classroom where we will do lots of activities and they will stay until lunch. Does anyone have any cute ideas that I could use to involved both parents and students?
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    You could do a people search Bingo game.
    They have to go around the room and ask other students if they have a dog, if they have been on t.v., if they can roll their r's, etc...whatever is on the sheet. The sheet is divided into as many squares as you have students, or more, and once they've found someone who fits the description in one of the boxes on the sheet they put their name there (the other student's name).
    Once everyone has all their boxes filled in you pull student names out of a hat and they put an x on the square where that student's name is written. Once they have a straight line or whatever you decide, they shout Bingo and win a prize. My last sheet had 25 squares on it and I only had 18 students so I made the rule that they could use someone's name twice, but no more than that. The parents will be there to help them read the sheet and ask the questions if they need help. It's fun!
    This explanation is probably as clear as mud! :crosseyed

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