First Day Activities for Autism Focus Mild/Moderate

Discussion in 'Special Education' started by anewstart101, Jul 30, 2013.

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    This year I am teaching a mild/moderate autism focus class. I will be teaching English/Reading/Daily Living skills.

    I co-teach we have separate classrooms that teacher teaches daily living/science and math.

    I am coming from the mod/severe world I am happy. . .but it is a different world. . .

    I am excited but not sure where to start I need a first day activity. . .

    These students have been together a long time but I am new to them. . .

    Any suggestions for first day activities?

    On the wall in the room is a writing activity they did where they interviewed each other and wrote a newsletter about the person.

    I was thinking of repeating that. . .any other ideas?

    Most of them I am going to have for multiple periods.


    Thanks in advance.

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