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Discussion in 'Teacher Time Out' started by Aces, Feb 1, 2019.

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    I felt like sharing this with you all. My pain management doctor is in the same medical building that one of my good friends works in. He's a physical therapist and works with a lot of injured teenagers/young people. We had already decided to get a bite to eat after my pain management appointment so he knew I was in the building. I texted him asking if he was ready to go.

    He told me to come to the gym (there's a smallish gym within the building for patients/Dr's) he had a 19 year old who was basically learning to walk again. They have a wii balance board thing with like a surfing game. (It REALLY helps with your balance). He told me to ahead and give it go — knowing good and well I've done that so many times.

    So we had a little competition just to see who could get a higher score. I won and the teen — his name was Adam — "So what? You got two good legs!" I pulled up my pants leg and showed him the very fake left leg. My friend goes "If he can do it, so can you. Keep pushing don't give up. The power of the mind can overcome everything. Keep pushing. No surrender."

    Kid did it again with both of us basically just trying to keep pushing him. He beat the high score on the game. You could tell he was proud of himself which he should have been.
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    That is an awesome story! Kind of a tangent, but last night I was watching the Punisher on Netflix, and thinking that it's kind of a big deal that one of the main protagonists is shown as an amputee, and shown with and without his prosthetic. I can't think of too many previous examples of an amputee being portrayed in media as a full-functioning, capable, bad-arse human being. I just thought that was pretty cool :)
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    I agree both on the story and the Punisher character, who is really probably one of the few mentally strangle characters on the show. That he spends a lot of time giving back to his community is also awesome.

    Also he's Navy -- like my oldest son.:)

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