Feeling underqualified to coach upper-level students near my age

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    Aug 24, 2020

    I am 17. This year I am starting a teacher-training university to teach English as a second language. In my last year of high school I participated in a national competition in English and attended corresponding classes to prepare, which helped me a lot in competing and getting into uni. Now the teacher in these classes offered me to come as a guest coach to other high-schoolers (ages 15-18) from time to time, which I accepted since it is a great opportunity to gain experience and stay in that environment which I like a lot.

    My command of English and my own performance at the competition seem sufficient, but I feel insecure about coaching students that are the same age and have an advanced (or upper-intermidiate) knowledge of the subject. Some of the participants might be people that were there with me last year as students, too. I am worried about looking awkward and uncomfortable and not providing them with the guidance they need to succeed. I even feel like they would judge me internally and wish to return to normal classes with professional teachers as soon as possible.

    My previous teaching experience includes one-on-one tutoring with younger schoolchildren (11-13) and a couple of lessons I did in high school as a substitute teacher. The lessons went bad because I could not control the whole class of around 30 children and tried to present the material despite shouting and fighting that took place. I have theoretical knowledge of methodology and techniques, but it did not help because I was not confident enough.

    So, I feel very anxious to coach an advanced class while having little to no experience in teaching and no particular talent or charisma. I hope you can give me some advice on how to prepare and how to act when I am there, because the more I think of it, the more self-conscious I become :\

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