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    Dear [ ],
    I would love to work at [ ] Elementary because of my aspirations to work in a district in a tight knit community. I noticed that the staff does an excellent job collaborating with one another while substituting at [ ] Unified. I am an instructor that teaches students as individuals, assists children in mapping their own learning, and utilizes technology to provide entertaining lessons.
    After substituting for several years, I was proud to overhear a fourth grade student kindly informing a new student, “That teacher over there is funny, but just follow the rules. She knows all of us and what our teachers do. If we all work well, we may get some fun learning games at the end of the day.” while pointing at me. I am the sort of teacher that will direct students towards working hard and playing hard. Once I have a general understanding of the child, we move towards sharing the reins of learning.
    Once I familiarize myself with students and classes, I present the state and district standards prior to a lesson. Whenever possible, I find time to align students with where they stand and their upcoming challenge. Through seeing the whole picture of where their learning is heading, students and parents feel more in control of the learning process. Besides academic communication with parents, I also keep an eye on student behavior and contact parents when necessary. Oftentimes, parents prefer communicating via email since they can deal with it at a convenient time.
    I often integrate technology into lessons and present student work on my personal website. I started substituting at [ ] Unified at a perfect time when numerous classroom technologies were introduced to students and classes. Through brief lessons from teachers and students, I am able to utilize these tools as well as the regular classroom teachers.
    In addition to my familiarity with the technological tools at [ ] Unified, my ability to speak Spanish will come in handy when communicating with parents and students when needed. Thank you for your time. I included my resume and references. I hope to hear from you soon!

    [ ]

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