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    It is not even passion that is missing.

    I am a reading specialist. I was hired to work with middle school students in small groups, as they should be worked with to enhance their reading skills. This year, I asked every day for the two FULL weeks of professional development and nonsense before the school year started what my schedule would be. Two days before school started I was told that I would have my own room, in which I would teach high school students Read180. ... So I had two days to set up my room, during which time we had mandatory meetings. I got no help from admin, of course.

    Then the school year starts, and not only am I teaching high school classes but I am also teaching one class of seventh graders. In addition, the first block of the day, I have 9 eighth graders who come to my class. I work in the morning from 8 to 11:25, then get 35 minutes for lunch, then work from 12:00 to 3:19. I do not get a prep.

    I just found out that the seventh grade math teacher wants to switch three of my seventh graders out of my section (which is half special ed, half regular ed) into the "smart" section and replace them with kids who perform lower. We are evaluated based on our students' test scores. I was not even ASKED about this, but all their other teachers were. I feel like this is incredibly disrespectful to me. Like I am not even their teacher. Not to mention tracking students is not a best practice by any means.

    Really I am just venting but I am so frustrated. The kids don't listen to any of the teachers. They are completely disrespectful. If I say, "Please stop talking," some of the students will continue to talk, or they will immediately say, "I wasn't talking!" They think they are allowed to do what they want.

    As for the high school students, what use is it to have them do the same program they did all through middle school? It had no effect then and has no effect now. I am having them read silently right now and this is one of the first times all year I can look up and honestly see all of them working. Which is great, actually.

    Does anyone have similar issues with their school? We do not have a union (charter school). I have to drive 45 minutes to get to work in the morning, which sucks. There are no jobs anywhere else. I hate living in my area and I cannot move because my husband works for his father. I really like some of my seventh graders and all of my eighth graders, and honestly even some of the high schoolers aren't that bad, but I'm so dispassionate and annoyed at everything.

    HELP. :mad:
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    That does sound like an awful set of situations. Can you talk with someone about that unfair switch? The best way I find to regain any love of teaching in a bad atmosphere is to attempt to focus on one or two students I know I can reach (not just teach, but REACH). Sometimes, making a difference in those lives makes it easier to handle the drek.

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