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    Jan 14, 2020

    Anyone know how to delete a student from Fastbridge? I have one who moved at the beginning of the year but cant seem to figure out how to delete her from my class list. Thanks!
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    According to their website:
    Submit a Support Ticket or Email Help Desk
    Within the Knowledge Base portal there is an option to submit a support ticket. You can also create a ticket for your account by emailing the help desk, Please provide as much information as you can concerning your question. By creating a ticket, our support specialists will be able to investigate the issue quickly and thoroughly.

    Chat with a Customer Support Specialist
    Within the lower right-hand corner of the Knowledge Base portal, there is an option to chat directly with a customer support specialist.

    Give Us a Call
    Last but not least, feel free to give us a call. However, you must have submitted a ticket first so that our support team can best support you.

    If all of these fail, I would suggest this, in smaller print on the website:
    Questions? Contact Us

    I don't use the program, but I'm pretty good at a quick research on things like this. If you have already tried steps 2, 3, and 4, I'm out of suggestions. Sorry.

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