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    Mar 23, 2011

    Hi all. I am looking to relocate to the DC metro area and have my eyes set on Fairfax County as my number 1 place to work. I know that internal transfers happen first.. is it too early to send my resume and brochure? Should I wait till the summer?

    I really want to work here. So I could use as much help as possible in landing a position. If anyone who has works here/ or has worked there knows the best time frame to start contacting principals it would be a huge help!!
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    I work in a neighboring county, and no, it's not too early to send your resume. Some will start looking to hire in April (especially if you are in a high needs area), but you may not get a placement until August, right before school starts. I would suggest if you are looking at this area, you should look into Prince William Co too. We are opening some new schools, so we have a lot of positions (173 certified)!- https://jobs.pwcs.edu/Jobs/

    This is the first time I have had a chance to look at the board in months, so if you need anything else, PM me :)

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