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    Nov 14, 2002

    Looking for new and inventive ways to teach fact and opinion to third graders. Any ideas?
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    Nov 14, 2002

    Here are some games I've used with my 2nd graders:
    (1) Fact & Opinion Bowl - Announce a topic, such as pets or toys. Have each student write a fact or opinion about the topic on separate index cards. Place the cards in a large bowl and have kids take turns drawing a card & reading it to the class. Challenge the kids to decide whether the student has read a fact or an opinion. Can be played in teams with points awarded for correct guesses.
    (2) Interactive bulletin board - Post a daily sentence strip with a fact or opinion statement on the bulletin board. Label one side of the board FACT & the other side OPINION. Give kids tiny sticky notes upon which to write their names & have them "vote" by placing their name under their choice (fact or opinion).
    (3) Fact or Opinion Flash - Give each kid a popsicle stick & an index card & have them write FACT on one side & OPINION on the other. Glue card to stick. To play the game, announce a statement & have kids flash the appropriate card to tell whether they think the statement is a fact or an opinion. As a class, count the number of fact or opinion cards displayed & discuss the correct answer.
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    Nov 28, 2002

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