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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by sunbeachgirl, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Oct 9, 2013

    So I have a few issues as a relatively new teacher in a high school resource setting.

    My 28 kids are in 30+ different classes. If they want to take tests in the resource room they have to sign up beforehand to take a test.

    However, some kids either forget to sign up or want to take the test in general ed.

    Then, they get to general ed and don't finish the test.

    The problem is, now they've seen it and if they finish it later they could go home and study.

    If I don't let a student finish the test and they were given reminders that if they need extra time (which is in their IEP) they need to either 1) take it in resource or 2) tell the teacher to give them one page at a time, can I get "dinged" for not giving them the accommodations of extra time? Shouldn't the student have to take some responsibility in the situation?

    My students are very high functioning and most of them are good about managing these accommodations. However, a few kids consistently ask to take tests in gen ed and then don't finish. I think they're trying to game the system.
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    My situation is the same. We use a variety of strategies - if they are not done and need time I will take for the next period. I do tell teachers to give them 1 page at a time but if a kid has started a test and cannot finish we always create a situation that provides the student with the extra time even if it is challenging for me and the classroom teacher.
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    Oct 17, 2013

    In the long run, I'd get more specific in describing your accommodations. Giving the student one page at a time, and then giving them extra time to complete tests they haven't finished, sounds like it still meets the letter of the law. But requiring them to request the accommodation (in my understanding of my district's interpretation) demands that students stigmatize themselves as SpEd students in front of the entire class. A person in a wheelchair shouldn't have to request that a building set up the ramp when they want to get in, and a person with a documented need for extra time on tests shouldn't have to request it every time they need it.

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