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    I am a first year teacher, and I am having my first evaluation the day we come back from Thanksgiving break. I am just curious what I should expect, and what exactly does an evaluation effect? I see and hear veteran teachers at my school getting overwhelmed by it and that makes me nervous. I teach at an inner city school, so behavior is rough.. any advice? We use the Marzano Evaluation Model, by the way.
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    I am not sure about Marzano, but being in an inner city school w/ rough behavior, I'd focus on behavior 1st as a new teacher.
    Maybe bring a big box or bag to school that day. When the kids ask what's in it, tell them you'll let them know after they've behaved for a certain amount of time. :) ( You can throw a fun activity in there or something.)
    Then find something easy for you depending upon what you teach and plan on doing when he comes in...:) If you haven't already told him what you'll be teaching.
    I always told the kids that I was bragging about what a good class they were in reading, math, or whatever. Then I'd say: The P was surprised and wanted to see how well they could do it. It works with a lot of kids. K-5 anyways.....even some wild ones want to show off what they can do......It probably wouldn't work in grades 6-12. IDK.....Keep it simple.
    Good luck!

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