Europe city/country project ideas?

Discussion in 'Sixth Grade' started by Alisha, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Jan 24, 2011

    I'm just starting a unit on Europe in my geography class. My students are expected to know the five themes of geography for each continent (movement, regions, interaction, place/characteristics and location).

    Does anyone have any projects that they use in their own classroom for various countries? (We've done a brochure already so I don't want to repeat that. And they've done TONS of posters for other classes.) If you have any fun or unique ideas, please let me know!

    Thank you in advance!!!
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    Jan 24, 2011

    Maybe plan a vacation where they get to travel to three (or however many) cities of their choice? That's what I'm thinking of doing this year for our study of the ancient world.
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    Jan 24, 2011

    I used this when I taught Geography,

    Plan your European Band Tour

    Assignment: You and two other random strangers were handpicked by Sean “Diddy” Combs to plan the tour for his new group. He has given your group the task of planning the entire tour as well as the group name, t-shirts and slogans. The group with the best tour (voted from the class) will receive a multi-million dollar managing contract with Sony recording studios.

    There are several requirements your European Band Road Tour must meet. Refer to this checklist list often to ensure your group meets all the requirements.

    Tour Requirements:
     Creative PowerPoint of Detailed Tour Route with the following requirements
    o Ten countries - map
    o Nine cities
    o Nine historic sites – pictures and description
    o Seven European capitals
    o Two images of your trip for each day – these images CAN NOT meet other requirements
    o Five major rivers – pictures – each group member should have at least one
    o Four European Landmarks – pictures and description – each group member should have one
    o Three fun places to visit - pictures and description – each group member should have one
    o Three physical features – each group member should have one
     Pictures – NO Clipart
     One creative band name
     Cooperative Group Responsibility Worksheet: You must work cooperatively with your group and explain what each member contributed to the project

    Planning and Organization
    Step 1: Read all directions and grading rubric
    Step 2: Plan your route with your group (using maps and the attached worksheet)
    Step 3: Plan which group members will complete the tasks/days
    Step 4: Make sure your route meets all of the tour requirements
    Step 5: Create your PowerPoint Presentation with all requirements
    Step 6: Complete the cooperative group assessment sheet
    Step 7: Check spelling, grammar, and fine details

    Group Role Assignments
    Each group member must participate in
    o Naming of group
    o Choosing and creating the tour route meeting all requirements
    o Mapping tour on map provided and completing tour worksheet
    o Dividing the tour between all group members
    o Creating title slide of European Band Tour
    o Any extras – band t-shirt, slogans, posters for extra credit
    o Working together to put each group members PowerPoint slides into one presentation

    Each individual group member is responsible for
    o Journaling for three tour stops
    o Creating PowerPoint slides for three tour stops
    o Make sure all requirements are met for your three tour stops
    o Make sure your tour stops begin where the last one ends – make sure your tour flows

    And I have used this also

    Plan your dream Trip

    If you could travel to any destination, where would you go??? Here’s your chance to plan your dream trip. Using the following steps, plan a trip from Indianapolis, Indiana to three other cities on three different continents. You may choose any three places to visit as long as each place is on a different continent.
     Choose your three destinations
     Begin your trip at Indianapolis International airport
     Fly from Indy to your next destinations landing in the airport of that city, then fly to your second destination, third destination and finally back to Indy
     Calculate the mileage of each trip
     You will stay in each city/place for three days.
     While in each city/place you must visit
    - at least one historical place and why it’s historical
    -at least one cultural place
    -at least one home of someone famous
    -at least one important physical feature (beach, mountain, etc.)
    -for each place visited, you must supply location, why the place is important and what you will see while you are there
     Any travel restrictions for the placing your are going
     Types of food you will eat
     Time of year you will travel and why
     Why you chose your destinations
     Pictures, pictures, pictures
     Your goal is sell your trip to me – make me want to go on your Dream Trip

    You will present your completed travel itinerary on May 21st. You can present your itinerary in any media you wish; Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, ect .

    Maybe these will give you some ideas
  5. Alisha

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    Jan 24, 2011

    Thank you so much for sharing!! I'll definitely be borrowing a few of these ideas! These sounds like great, fun projects!

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