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    I know my current school will most likely have a plan in place for the upcoming school year but I decided to try and get a head start. I teach Kindergarten. Enough said am I right? Where are my kindergarten teachers at? Anyway, I struggle with all the materials needed to teach the Eureka curriculum. My solution was to work on making individual materials for each student, dot cards, templates etc. However, I am struggling to do this. Before I start printing, laminating and completing this daunting project, what does everyone else do? Especially with the new guidelines of not sharing supplies and using their own items everyday. Ideas for online learning because our school is doing both. How can I get manipulatives in those students hands?

    This is my idea but it sounds impossible with this age group: Go through each lesson and list the materials needed. Have all the cards prepackaged and laminated/ labeled in bags. Each student gets all materials needed for the entire module/week. The items for the lessons get placed in their personal "bin". However, this means they will have all these materials at their fingertips, normally I pass them out everyday. My struggle is not being able to help a student count out 5 beans.... most kids can't do that without assistance the first couple times. I plan to MODEL MODEL MODEL but you know 5 year olds...I guess I am just trying to decide if this is the right path and I want to see what other kindergarten teachers do. Eureka has so many fluency activities and its an amazing program if taught with fidelity and that's what my school attempts to do. I was going to try and keep within time constraints because we are limited to half days now and try to make it easier but this is sounding like it isn't a great idea...

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