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    I have read a lot in the ways of differentiated instruction and differentiated assessment, but I struggle to know what that looks like in a mainstream classroom environment. I would like to use the example of 3rd grader, Jorge, 3rd grade ELL from my textbook Reading, Writing, and Learning in ESL by Suzanne F. Peregoy and Owen F. Boyle.

    Example 7.4. (P. 274)

    The assignment that led to this essay called for an expository type of writing.

    Jorge, 3rd grade, Describes the Differences between Two Kinds of Birds

    Tey are the same becaes the bofe of them haves two eggs and there head and there foot and they are not the same becaes they don't eat the same thing and ther beak and one place is the mountain and one is the valley. the end.

    -How do I assess this writing sample?

    -Do I use a 3rd grade expository writing rubric? If so, do they just receive a terrible grade?

    -Or is the assessment completely separate and based on the literacy scaffold, a temporary framework that allows them to concentrate on one aspect of the writing process at a time?

    I am thinking back to when I was writing in school, and our writing assignments were introduced with the rubric and expectations. Everyone received the same rubric regardless of their writing abilities and were expected to meet the requirements. I am thinking that if they used a 3rd grade expository writing rubric used for the whole class, they would receive a 0%.

    I am unsure as to what an acceptable way to assess writing is in this case because it differed from my school experience. I have read much about it, but I do not have an example from specific cases such as this.
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    I don't know this child would receive a true 0%, but the score would be quite low. In my school district all students are assessed on the same rubric regardless of language or writing ability. Over time the scores would reflect growth with more truth than modified scales would.

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