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    Jul 6, 2015

    Hello teachers,

    After applying for a job, I was sent an email to complete an online 90 min test (an Educator's Professional Inventory test). I thought it was one of personality tests, but it turned out to be one that is similar to the Praxis 5624 test, only it had a section that was sort of self-reflective about teaching practice (no right or wrong answers).

    I just don't understand the reasoning behind this test. If we are expected to take this test, why take the Praxis test, which costs money? I feel disillusioned by all the news reports regarding the lack of teachers in North Carolina and then when you apply for positions, they seem to be putting up obstacles! I'm very frustrated at the moment. I've already taught for a year overseas and have learned, through teaching, that much of the content we were taught can not be applied in the classroom. I know I can teach because of the feedback from my students, and yet I feel my teaching abilities are reliant on numbers rather than observation - so frustrated.

    Thanks for listening.

    Mindy :)
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    I have to take this to apply for a job that I really want. I'm very discouraged by all the posts that I've seen from teachers about this! I'm really hoping that the districts don't use this exclusively!
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    I am required to take this test to complete a job application....within 24 hours. Is there anything I should study for this test? It sounds like there are general questions and scenarios about teaching? I have a study guide for the Praxis Principles of Learning test. It also sounds like there is a part on the epi assessment to input all of your information, certificates, etc. - hopefully that part isn't timed as well. Should I allow time to do everything at once? Anything anyone could tell me about the actual test would be so helpful - I am really nervous about it.

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