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    Hi I’m new to this and I’m really looking for some help. I have taken English subset 2 4 times now, the last 2 I’ve been off by 3 points. I have no idea what I’m missing what am I doing wrong I really need some help. I’m preparing for subset 1 but I’m kind of at a standstill on how or what to study! I know my weakness is finding “themes” and “main ideas” the last time I took it I scored a 202. Can someone please help.
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    What materials have you used for Subtest 1?
    I wouldn't focus on much of the "themes" of different writers because they aren't going to be emphasized as much as you think. The point of the test is to test your skill in finding the correct theme, and what I mean is, the correct response to a certain passage. In other words, they aren't going to test you on "what is the theme of these authors," but rather, they are going to use the author's material (a passage from a story) in conjunction with questions relating to teaching. Think of the How, What, Why, and Where technique--How would this "author's work" help students with X,Y and Z." "What would benefit students in research, X Y or Z about this author?" "Why would a reader want to use technique X instead of technique Z to write about author Y?" This is what they mean by "know the themes," as in, get a firm grip on HOW to study an author because these are teacher questions.

    I hope this helps.
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    Hugs, Cynthia. How are you generally as a taker of multiple choice tests other than CSET English?

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