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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by DonnyDB5, Sep 29, 2016.

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    Hello! My name is Donny and I am brand new to this forum. This is my first post and I am posting out of severe anxiety. I don't even have a job yet as a teacher and I am already scared to death...

    First of all, I just graduated this past May with a degree in Secondary English Edu. My student teaching experience was phenomenal, but I had a lot of help. I absolutely killed every observation I had and my supervisor thought I was "superb." It helps that my supervisor happens to be on the board of Education for the city of Buffalo, so her opinions on my teaching definitely meant a lot to me. I consider myself to be a natural in front of the classroom. I don't get intimidated, I have excellent rapport with the students, and my classroom management is great. I'm extremely hard on myself and my self-confidence could be better when it comes to teaching, so I was shocked to discover just how well I did during my two student teaching placements.

    My biggest fear is once I do eventually get a job, I'm terrified that I will fail epically. I'm scared that I won't know how to plan good enough lessons/activities because this is my weakest aspect. I am not that great at planning my own material. It's as if I don't have enough creative juices to create lessons plans, let alone enough for a whole school year. I was lucky during my student teaching placements to use a lot of the curriculum my cooperating teachers were using, but I did try to create my own lessons as well. The ones I did create were good, but they were few and far between.

    So when I do eventually become a high school English teacher, where will I begin? How do I know what to plan for my first year? I get such anxiety thinking about this. Has anyone else felt this way? Is it normal to feel this way? My one teacher in high school who has since become a good friend of mine tells me all the time that I can use previous teachers' curriculums/lessons plans, but I don't know just how true this is. Maybe it's just my anxiety. I cannot wait to become a teacher, but at the same time I am so scared.
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    Welcome! Odds are your teacher friend is right. You probably won't be the only one teaching a certain level, and your colleagues will help you. I'm a grade level lead and I share my material with the others; I also mentor our newest teacher and check in with her regularly.

    I suggest you join the English Companion Ning online. There are over 40,000 teachers there who are willing to share their expertise. You'll be fine!

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