English CSET question. Please help :(

Discussion in 'Single Subject Tests' started by hannah_85, May 6, 2005.

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    May 6, 2005

    Hi. I was wondering if the sample questions provided by CSET website accurately reflect the caliber and style of questions in the actual test? I'm not an English major and I was shocked to find that for Subtest I, nearly 1/2 of the questions had to do with knowledge of postmodern British genre and other English jargon that I'm not familiar with. Please help! Thanks a lot
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    Yes the sample test is accurate....

    The most important thing for you to focus on is the linguistic portion and the essay portion. I didn't have any movement questions when I took the test but I've spoken to people who did, better learn everything you can get your hands on at this point. I strongly suggest "Beating the CSET for Language Arts", an excellent book.
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    CSET English Suggestions


    I passed Subtests I and II in the English CSET exam. (July 2005)

    I'd like to pass on a couple of suggestions.

    1. Unless you are really on top of your game, don't take more than two
    subsets at a time.

    2. If you take all 4 subsets at one time, you probably will not have time to finish.

    3. There are two good reviews available:
    A. Cliffnotes
    B. Sparknotes

    4. I didn't find California Teaching Solutions helpful. It was a waste of money.

    Ken Russell

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