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    Jun 1, 2018

    I just took and passed the multiple choice FTCE English 6-12 -- still waiting on the essay, but I feel pretty good. Anyone have a ballpark of how long it takes essays to get scored?

    So I wanted to share/review study material. I did just about everything. I created YouTube Playlists. I signed up for the Learning Liaison's 7-day free course. I bought the XAM book. I got paper copies of the FLDOE practice test. I bought the NavaEd course.

    My notes/review (I was so happy to get advice from any source in the past few weeks that I wanted to really share in as much detail as I can.)

    I'm cheap and broke. Every time I turn around I have to fork out money to get a job as a teacher, so when I think something is a value I'll let you know.

    The Learning Liaison's course focuses on the GK test and some other subjects, but not Englsih. He focuses only on the patterns in the answers, and doesn't actually review any material. I didn't spend any money on his stuff, it just didn't seem valuable.

    The YouTube stuff was nice. I set up playlists from things I cherry picked from other YouTube FTCE playlists, and I let it play while I worked my day job (I'm not a teacher yet). Literary analysis was good to brush up on, and both the NavaEd folks and the Learning Liaison folks had free videos on there. I don't know how helpful it was, but it made me feel safer to have a constant flow of English schtuff in my ear. It was free, so there's that.

    My teacher recruitment department recommended the XAM book, and I ran to Barnes & Noble, bought it, and cried when I failed... not failed.... FAILED... the practice test. I spent two weeks in this book before I pulled up the reviews in Amazon and found it averages a 2 star. It's honestly junk. If you can get a used copy it's nice to have because it has 100 practice questions, but there are errors in the questions. And there is only ONE practice test. There are errors in the text. There are duplication in the questions. And...after taking the test... I can't recall a single identical question from this $35 book and the test. This was a waste of my money.

    The FLDOE standards were a Godsend. Everything you don't understand on the standards, Google. I needed to brush up on stuff like connotation/denotation and just a few other bizarre things that I didn't know I didn't know. Also, they give you a 30 question practice test for both the 5-9 and the 6-12. TAKE BOTH. Take both until you get 100 percent. Seriously, get the 5-9 guide and the 6-12 guide from the Florida Department of Education -- or from your area's teacher recruitment (that's where I got mine). The questions in these booklets are on the test. THIS IS FREEEEEE. Drills work well.

    NavaEd. I spent the $50 and bought the webinars and ebook and it was worth it. The NavaEd stuff reviewed all of the techniques based on the free FLDOE guides. The professor who did the webinars explained all of the concepts. She provides I think at least 65 percent of the questions that are actually on the test between her two practice tests. She gives one practice that's full length -- 80 questions, and one that's longer -- 90 questions. Take those tests until you are in the 90s and you'll do really well. More than half of the questions on the test were in her book, verbatim. I don't know how she did it. It's hard for me to give a really fair assessment, because of the 170 questions she offered, at least 50 of them were offered in the free FLDOE books. But, I was able to play her webinars in my earbuds as I worked, and that made me feel like I was accomplishing something. She also provides a free webinar on the essay, which was awesome.

    I hope this helped someone out there in the universe!
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    Hello! I'm about to take the FTCE English 6-12 in early August and your suggestions are definitely giving me some good direction in which review materials to use for studying. How did you end up doing on your essay portion? Any advice about studying for that part? For me, I think the essay will be the most challenging as I didn't major in English and haven't written a literary analysis in a long time. o_O

    Thanks again for all this great information!!! Much appreciated :)
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    Hi Luce54, how did you do on the test? Thank you

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