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Discussion in 'Special Education' started by bobby, May 2, 2011.

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    May 2, 2011

    Any ideas for fun end-of-the-year activities for middle school LD self-contained students? We're at the point where they are not wanting to do ANYTHING academic. Usually, I have end of the year projects (powerpoints, posters), but I tried that and only 3 of the students did it! These were in-class activities!
    The group I teach this year is a bit difficult and lazy to begin with. My 6th graders are almost non-readers and give up easily. My 8th graders are totally zoned out right now. We have testing next week.

    If you have any fun classroom ideas that are academic and engaging, please let me know!
    I'm sure I'm not the only teacher with this problem :)
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    May 2, 2011

    We have 5 weeks left of school.
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    Will they play academic games? Those work well as motivators for my students but I'm not sure if middle schoolers would think they are "too cool" haha. Here are some fun ones my kids like- the games themselves help reinforce things, and you can get the kids to do other work by saying they can play the game when finished, or if they work hard all day, etc.
    broomball- divide into 2 teams, call out two students to hit the ball with brooms into a goal- once they get the goal they have to answer a question to get the point (I use math facts, but you can do whatever)
    flyswatter-divide into two teams, put vocab words on the board, say the definition, one person from each team tries to be first to hit the word with a flyswatter (again, use whatever you want doesn't have to be vocab) and they get a point
    jenga- I ask a question, if they answer correctly they get to try to pull a block out
    "the cow game" as my students call it- put a stuffed cow at the end of the room, students line up in teams, ask a question, they run down and grab the stuffed animal or whatever and answer to get a point.
    Several of these I actually modified from games I played in my high school Spanish class and we got pretty into them haha- but it depends on what your students will do.
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    Can you go on walking field trips? (CBI-community based instruction) You could learn about:
    ordering from a menu
    paying a bill
    making sure you have enough money to pay for what you order
    manners/being polite while eating
    conversations that are appropriate/not appropriate things to talk about while eating etc.

    Post Office:
    mailing letters
    addressing envelopes
    paying for a stamp
    writing a friendly letter, post card, business letter, card etc.

    sign up for a library card if they don't have one already
    learn/better understand how to locate books in library
    be able to ask librarian for help finding books if needed
    check out a book from library

    Grocery Store:
    buy ingredients for a cooking activity
    students can add cost of items
    determine amount of change they will get back from cashier
    locate items in the store
    budget money by finding cheapest items
    cut out and use coupons
    make a shopping list etc.

    some other ideas:

    I know SMDteacher (blog) did a unit on the Wizard of Oz and teaching learners with multiple special needs (blog) did a unit on the princess bride, that may be fun for the end of the year.

    In science do a lesson and an experiment and make flubber, here is a picture recipe: http://www.speakingofspeech.info/april16/Flubber.pdf

    read a book about chocolate: chocolate touch, chocolate fever etc. Then do different activities with chocolate
    chocolate lab http://www.speakingofspeech.com/uploads/Chocolate_Lab.pdf

    Chocolate bar fractions

    M and M math

    chocolate cooking activities: make chcolate milk, etc.

    paint with chocolate pudding

    write a story about chocolate

    watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    learn about how chocolate is made, different forms it can come in, (candy, powder, ice cream, fudge bar, cereal, cookie, cake, cupcake, chocolate covered, liquid chocolate syrup, hot chocolate fudge, etc.)
    Learn history of chocolate

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