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Discussion in 'College' started by cheryllynn, Aug 27, 2018.

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    I am wondering if anyone can help me begin a career in the community college system in San Diego. I have tried applying and I have had no luck in getting interviews. I am wondering where I might be able to gain experience outside of the system that might help me the next time I apply or better still how to get into the community college system itself. In addition to Multiple Subject and Special Education credentials , I also have an MSW in social work and a PPSC credential. while I have 16 years of experience teaching elementary, I don't have experience in community college systems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    Not sure its the same in CA, but here in VA, you do not need to be certified to teach at the college level. You generally need a M.A. in your content--so if you want to teach English, you have to have an M.A.in English. At the very least, 18 credits in your content. You will start as an adjunct, which means 100 level or remedial classes, maybe 200 level. Be aware--you cannot live on an adjunct salary! You are paid by the class, and there are generally no benefits. Here, it takes a minimum of six years to become an associate professor.
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    Community colleges in California don't require credentials and do generally require a master's except in subjects for which a master's degree is rare to nonexistent (as, for instance, in a local community college's automotive and horticulture programs). But the urban Southern California counties can be tough markets to crack, simply because of the sheer quantity of doctoral programs and thus the crowds of PhD or EdD candidates who are looking for early boosts to their curricula vitae.

    cheryllynn, where have you been applying and what for?

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