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Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by Futureteacher08, Mar 17, 2015.

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    Last Friday I dropped off my resume, cover letter, and 3 letters of recommend to a school with posted openings. The principal was on the phone so I gave my materials to the secretary. Is it okay to do a follow up email with the principal regarding my materials? If so, how do i word the email. Thanks!
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    Have you also formally applied for the jobs online? I ask because in my district they will not interview anyone who has not already filled out the online application, so make sure you look into that if you haven't already.

    If you have already done that, I would generally not take my letters of recommendation in person, only my resume and perhaps cover letter. Save the letters of rec. for the interviews. Generally the point of taking those things by in person is to give the principal a face to go with the name, show some initiative, and help you stick out by making a good first impression. Leaving your materials with the secretary didn't really give you the opportunity to do that, so a follow up email may not be a bad idea.

    You could say something similar to
    "My name is futureteacher08. I saw that your school has openings for an XYZ teacher and I would love to be considered for these positions. I left my resume with the secretary for you to review. (Add this part only if you really have completed the full application process for that district) My application has been submitted online as well. I hope to be able to meet with you to discuss the opportunities available at your school. Sincerely, futureteacher08."

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