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Discussion in 'Third Grade' started by kelizr, Oct 9, 2008.

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    Oct 9, 2008

    Hi everyone,

    I'm working to plan some things for a few days before the election. Our local paper put together an excellent resource with information, that I am planning to use as my text. It has alot of background information on the history of elections and discusses all the different aspects of how the election works. It gives a breif history of the candidates, which I think is great because it avoids the issues. Not sure I want to attack the issues in 3rd grade. It also includes worksheets to go along with the different articles.

    The resouse is great but I'm looking for some hands on activities that might help aide them in their understanding. What are you all doing in your classrooms? I really don't want this become to lecture, read, and discussion. I am going to have a mock election, but other ideas would be great!

    Thanks so much!
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    Oct 21, 2008

    Hey I was actually trying to do this but since its been so tight with time idk if ill be able to do it. I anted to do a mock election where the students get to vote for the person they think is best for the president. I also wanted to introduce them to the candidates which my school area alot of the students do not pay attention or do not know what is going on in this situation. I wanted to wear a mask and say what they stand for , for each candidate and a day befoe election they can vote. Just ome ideas i had!
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    Oct 29, 2008

    I teach Sped but I also do some history on old presidents and how they got their nicknames, I find interesting facts about old PResidents and then find interesting ones about the candidates. LIke the Teddy Bear was named after Theodore Roosevelt. Ronald Regan loved Jelly Bellys etc. Then I do President Math, with questions like how much does George Washington and ABe Lincoln make?

    I am trying to do a mock election for class president (im self contained) but my 3rd grader is making paper bag pumpkins and they are holding a full election from all the pumpkins and norrowing down the candidates over days and they will hold a real PUMPKIN election for the final 2 on Tuesday, I thought that was cute idea.

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