Educational Leadership through the American College of Education (ACE)?

Discussion in 'Special Interests' started by Acamp, Apr 10, 2019.

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    Apr 10, 2019

    Good evening all!
    I will be starting my Master's in Educational Leadership through ACE the end of May. I guess I have a two-fold question for all of you out there:

    1) Did anyone complete or is currently completing the specific master's of Educational Leadership through them?

    2) If not, is anyone willing to start that Master's program with me this upcoming May? The application process was very quick (send in your transcripts, small application, $50, and your accepted. Actually, they will accept you if you send in your unofficial transcripts but you need to send in your official transcripts before the end of the first class I believe). But if anyone out there wants to start that program with me, please let me know. I am terrified to start this Master's since I haven't been in college since my BA back in 2006 and writing was never my strength (I am sure you can see that in action through here haha).

    Hope to talk to some of you soon!

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