EBOOKS: 101 Job Search Tips, Teacher's Interview Edge, Acing Any Teaching Interview

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    Check out these NEW EBOOKS available at Teacher EBooks NOW...

    A+ Teachers’ Interview Edge: 101 Teacher Interview Questions & Answers
    This powerful guide reveals the 101 most common teaching job interview questions and also contains terrific answers to these questions that will vault you to the top of any interviewer’s hiring list! (121 pages - PDF format)

    101 A+ Teacher Resume and Cover Letter Writing Tips
    Land your dream interview by using the ultimate guide for teacher resume and cover letter writing. (29 pages - PDF format)

    101 Teaching Job Search Tips
    101 Surefire Tips Teachers and Administrators Can Use to Gain an Edge on the Competition & Secure Their Dream Job! (33 pages - PDF format)

    Your Basic Guide to Acing ANY Teacher Interview
    Teaches you, step-by-step, how to land an interview and outright ACE IT! (99 pages - PDF format)


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