Ebay 11/20-Cyber Monday: Books for Guided Reading & Libaries

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    Hi folks...McKennaL here

    Well, it's that time again. :celebrate:

    Sure the holidays...but for me, it's time to shed some of my book inventory. I'll be putting new books up everyday until December 12th... Fill up your libraries or find a perfect gift for that special boy or girl, NOW!

    Click on the link below:


    On sale now (ending on Sunday, 11/27 or Monday 11/28)

    Guided Reading for December:

    The Best Christmas Pageant Ever --- RL4,AR5.4,F&P:p,LEX930
    Stanley's Christmas Adventure (Flat Stanley) --- AR3.2,F&P:N,LEX420
    Miss Holly is Too Jolly --- AR4,F&P:O,LEX670,
    Horrible Harry and the Christmas Surprise ---AR2.9,F&P:L,RL3,LEX470
    The Biggest Snowball Ever --- RL3,F&P:K,LEX640, AR3
    Arthur's Christmas by Marc Brown ---AR3, F&P:L, LEX530
    A Christmas Carol --- (Jr. High & High School Level)
    Merry, Christmas, Amelia Bedelia --- RL1.7,AR2.0,F&P:L,LEX220

    A Trio of Guided Reading Books (winter, not Xmas)
    The Jacket I Wear In The Snow --- RL1.9,F&P:K, Rebus
    The Wild Toboggan Ride --- RL2.7,F&P:L,LEX580
    Snow Day! ---AR1.4,RL1.5,F&P-D



    Christmas Specifically

    Jan Brett's Gingerbread Baby (Hard Cover with Dust Jacket-BRAND NEW Condition!!)
    Cherrios and M&M Christmas Board Books
    Christmas for Reluctant Readers
    Christmas Classroom Libraries
    Christmas Collections Specifically for Boys
    Christmas Collections Specifically for Girls

    Classroom Library Collections/Read Alouds
    Or for that Special Child in Your Life

    Winter Poetry Collection
    Choose Your Own Adventure Collection
    Winter, Not Christmas, Collections
    The Chronicles of Narnia - Entire Set (Like New Condition)
    Animorphs Collection
    Rainbow Magic Fairy Collection

    Book Collections Featuring:
    Thomas the Tank Engine
    Dora the Explorer
    Scooby Doo
    Mercer Mayer's Little Critter
    My Little Pony
    The Care Bears
    The Transformers
    Tonka Trucks

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