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    I teach English 9 and Development Reading. I have some students that I see twice a day. Usually it helps that the kids see me for both classes because I already know their struggles, but something has caught me off-guard. I was working on grading an On-Demand writing I had given on Thursday when I ran across of my Reading student's papers. Normally I'm not surprised to find that my students with reading issues also have trouble writing, but this paper really bothers me. He is displaying some characteristics that are not normal. Instead of writing "little better", we wrote "liter batter" and "any" became "intey" (auditory problems?). On other words, he inverted letters ("brids" instead of birds and "fornt" instead of front).:(

    Perhaps I'm being paranoid, but this seems very much like dyslexia. However, I'm not an expert. Have you run across this before? Any suggestions on how to help him?
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    You need to contact the school counselor and let that person know what's going on. It would help if you could provide anecdotal evidence and copies of his assignments as well.

    The counselor can arrange screening for learning disabilities so that this student can receive services if appropriate.

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