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    Oct 12, 2016

    Calling on all teachers!

    Tipi Tom is a Pre-K level app helping dual language learners learn their letters, colors, shapes and numbers. We saw the need out there for more resources to help dual language learners learn their fundamentals and we're looking to help provide some of those tools!

    We're building out the next version of Tipi Tom with the support of Care Bears, Facebook, and Apple but we need input from educators like yourselves to tell us what will actually be helpful or not for our students!

    Our goal is to build the best possible dual language app for in-classroom and at-home use. In this process we want to be able to gain insights early. We would LOVE to have you check out our app and give us a bit of feedback. If you're interested in helping shape this app to better enable dual language learners please respond to this post or send us an email to info@tipitomtales.com and we will reach out to you for a quick chat about your feedback!

    P.S. - We are happy to chat with ALL pre-school level educators, even if you have little to no dual language learners as of right now. Your input is still important to make sure this app is truly catered to the preschool age group!

    Tipi Tom Team

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