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    Hi. I'm a 3rd grade teacher in a private school. We have limited funds and services. We do have a basic skills program that includes supplemental instruction as well as comp. ed. It has been my experience in this school, that the child study team is really not on the ball. Every child I have ever referred to the team never comes back with a specific learning problem or disability or anything. They all return with statement like: Prefential seating near teacher, extended time for standardized testing, and repeat directions when needed. They never offer me any valuable insight to help me in the classroom. I feel very lost. But, this is my only experience with a child study team so I do not know if this is the norm.

    On top of that, our school has a policy that no child is to be left back. Now, I have a student who can barely read. She is reading on a Kindergarten level. She has basically been passed on from grade to grade. She is classified and does receive as much help as she can get from our school. Her mom is stressed, cried today at our meeting, and basically told me that she's fed up with the school for not addressing her child's reading issues. I offered to tutor her after school but due to conflict of interest, cannot tutor anymore than that. I recommended that she get tested for ADD (I had noticed some sympthoms) and that her mother seek a reading specialist or at least a qualified teacher to remediate her one-on-one. I am just so overwhelmed. I feel that I need to help her but do not know how to without sacrificing the needs of the rest of my class. I know this is long..but can anyone offer any advice or information to help me? Thank you.

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