Don't Know How To Job Hunt for Teaching

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by MissMae, Apr 1, 2016.

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    In 2 years I am planning on looking for a new district to work in closer to where I live. By the time I start looking I will have been teaching in the same grade level for almost 4 years. I have Masters, am a Certified Google Educator, and went through a Top 20 teacher prep program.

    The problem is I literally don't know how to look for jobs in the teaching field. I got pulled early from my prep program, so I was group interviewed and the application process was just for show.

    In my mind it would be easier to visit potential schools in person and feel them out, Resume & Portfolio in hand. Is that a practice that is still okay? Should everything be done online?

    I am also terrified of picking the wrong school. My current school lied to new hires about really important things like teacher turnover, salary take home, grade level assignments, and insurance choices. I don't want a school to lie to me. How do I pick a "winner"?

    Any help or advice would be wonderful.
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    It may help to tell us the general area you might be looking. What state in particular? What I have always done is to look up each school individually and check out the human resources page. But some schools go by district, many require online applications, and others use websites such as: teachers-teachers, usreap, schoolspring, just to name a few.
    Also - you need to research the school as much as you can. To get a general overview of my school, I used and . These websites give you general information on test scores, demographics, and overall rating.
    I know a lot of school won't accept paper applications anymore, but some do. It all depends on the school and the district. Many areas where I am originally from were flooded with applications and finding a job there was a joke if you didn't know anyone. I ended up moving to another state.
    Give us some more information so we might be able to help you further! Best of luck!! : D

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