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    PD projects are screened by at least two different individuals at DonorsChoose. They require price quotes for all expenditures listed, and actually the daily food amount is capped at $30/day.

    Although I haven't seen a published rule about the number of days that can be approved for a PD trip, I do know that the screeners request brochures or fliers from the conference or workshop and separate price quotes from hotels, airlines, and car rental places. I have a strong feeling that if the material submitted for the conference showed a 3-day PD, and the hotel quote was requesting 2 weeks stay, they would most likely flag the project and send it back to the teacher asking for justification for the discrepancy between the two. Actual humans look these projects over and make sure that they are legit before allowing them to "go live" on the site.

    For the food allowance, they generally approve it as a reimbursement and the teacher has to pay out of pocket and then submit receipts afterwards.
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    It does state that they only cover lodging and food for days of the conference. If you're going to a 2-day conference, you can request $200 for lodging and $60 for food, etc.

    I would prefer to use DC for students's needs, but my district is actually pretty good about conferences as long as they're not super extravagant so I don't have that particular need. I prefer PD to be something I can do in my pajamas :) but I did go to ISTE a couple of years ago, had a lot of fun, and learned a ton.

    I'm a special ed teacher and the PD our district/BOCES offers for SPED is not great. I hope you enjoy your trip, FourSquare!
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    I know one person mentioned on here their school banned donors choose. I’m surprised your unions wouldn’t be telling you not to request PD. It takes the burden of the school district and sets the precedent for PD offerings not to be the responsibility of the school.
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    Yeah, they're too busy trying to make sure we have toilet paper and schools that are not infested with mice...

    The union doesn't have time to worry about PD. I have to make opportunities for myself. And you're damn right I announced it like I won on a game show, because it most definitely felt that way. My colleague and I are going together and we have huge plans for overhauling programming in our department for next year.
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