Do you think I could do it? have you ever interviewed with the same school twice?

Discussion in 'Job Seekers' started by tripletsteacher, Mar 21, 2007.

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    Hi, As many of you may know, I have triplets entering first grade next year. One of the 4 schools in my area posted a 3rd grade job. All 5 school are within 10 miles of me. This school is the least desired of all 5 due to salary and other reasons. School starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 2:35 and starts a week earlier than my kids in August. My kids school starts at 8:30 and ends at 3:15. I really want to apply to this 4th school but am wondering how I would do it with 3 small kids in the mornings. When I student taught and full-time subbed, I was at school an hour before the kids came and up to 2 hours after school. My husband thinks "if there is a will, there is a way". The triplets' school does have on site Y Care for before and after school but it is $$$$$ for 3 kids. I planned on using it either just mornings or just afternoons if I got a job.
    My other reason for hesitating is because the school my kids attend is in the process of building a new school -probably won't be done for 2 years from now. I really would love to try to get in their school. The principal liked my cover letter and resume at their school, but there are absolutley no opeings at this school right now. I planned on subbing daily next year in these 4 schools, if I do not get a job this year in any of the 3 other schools I really desire in my area. Any one ever teach out there with 3 small children still at home? I have my packet ready to be delivered but am holding back for those reasons. The other reason is because I had actually interviewed with this Superintendent 7 years ago. It was my first ever interview and I did not get the job. Would he remember me should I get another interview? I did land a job on the 3rd interview I went on that year but had to decline the week I was to sign the contract due to the triplet pregnancy. Should I hold out for the schools I really want to be at?
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    If you've already interviewed 7 years ago, I doubt it would count against you now. The reason you were not hired could have been something simple and nothing against you.

    As far as holding out- that's a tough call. You could look at it two ways- one, it could give you experience- two, it could prevent you from getting the job you want. I say if you really, really want to teach, take the job now. If you can wait, I say sub and hold out.
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    As far as the logistics go, there are other options. Here's what I do:

    When I decided last spring to return to work, I emailed everyone I knew. The mom of one of Brian's classmates found me Helen, our babysitter. Here's our routine:
    - Helen arrives at 7 and takes over wherever I am in the getting the 3 kids ready process. She puts the 2 older kids on the bus at 8:05.

    - Depending on Kira's Nursery School schedule, she either takes Kira to Nursery School at 9:30 (& picks her up at noon) or watches her all day long. Most days, that's at another neighborhood house, where she's also watching a 2 year old all day long.

    -At the end of the school day, she picks up my 2 kids and 2 other kids at school (she has a total of 6 kids from 3 till I arrive at 4 or 4:15). She gives the kids a snack and gets homework done.

    She's a Godsend!! All that for $250 per week. If I'm late at school, it's not a problem. Likewise, if we have a half day, Helen's day is shorter.

    So the whole logistics thing can work out.

    The other is more a gut question. Only you can decide if this job is worth passing up. You know the local job market. If I'm reading it right, your only objection to this school is that it's not the one your kids go to. You've got to decide whether that's a deal breaker.

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