Do you teach/require cursive handwriting?

Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by otterpop, Jul 22, 2014.

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    Aug 2, 2014

    It's expected for fourth graders at my school to be "fluent" in reading and writing cursive. As I've spent some time on this summer, I'm sure glad I can read cursive!
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    If you are referring to the documents of our founding fathers, they all can be found in print, and online. If they travel to DC or to any other historical site and find themselves unable to identify a slanted version of the same letters, then I'll be considered a fool.

    But I think that the time used to learn cursive would be better used teaching a non-dead practice; how to use a calculator, or how to type efficiently; how to use Google to find the answers to your questions.

    Call me forward thinking, but I would rather see kids advance properly than watch them fail at staying locked in the past.
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    Aug 5, 2014

    Older cursive is much more than a "slanted version of the same letters"

    For fun, here is an image from the 1940 census for a John Smith (and a few of his neighbors, and his family), who lived in Delaware (And the census taker here is honestly one of the neatest I have seen. Guessing they were educated and didn't try phonetically spell names):

    Someone without any exposure to script would have difficulty with identifying those letters as easily as an individual who is at the very least, somewhat familiar with script.

    Even if a few days at the end of the year are spent on it, getting the students some awareness of it is a good thing.
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    I introduce it in second grade, but don't require it. I give them as much exposure as I can, but I think it gets put to the wayside in third grade and above, since they are focused on state tests (which is a shame). We begin in January after break. The kids come back into the room and their desks have been rearranged, and they need to find their desk by finding their name in cursive. I also begin writing the objectives in cursive, as well as things that are consistent (date, labels, etc.) Anything they are absolutely required to read in class (schedules, spelling words, assignments, etc.) is still in manuscript.

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