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    I could use a little help. I am certified and have a lot of gen-ed/esl teaching experience but have recently become SPED certified. I have an interview next week for a PPCD Pre-K classroom. I have a general idea of what happens in PPCD as I have worked for a few months as an assistant in a PPCD classroom but I don't feel confident that I will know what to say when I'm being interviewed.
    Please tell me about your day. What types of supports you use while you are teaching? How do you differentiate/write your lesson plans (I assume using goals from the IEP). What kind of assessment do you use for documenting data?

    I know about;
    Using a lot of visual supports and social stories (Boardmaker)
    Using token systems ("I am working for")
    Implementing the use of choices and using the visuals to support what choices they can use.
    Using workstations and small groups
    Use of personal visual schedules to guide their day

    What other things do you think it is vital for a PPCD teacher to know to be successful doing her job. Any other key terms or ideas that I need to know about would be great. Thanks so much!

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