Division of grade for middle school?

Discussion in 'Art Teachers' started by Annie Cox, Aug 6, 2017.

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    I'm going to be a first-year art teacher for grades 6-8. My school uses Gradebook and, from what I understand, all assignments equal out to 100%, but are divided into categories to distribute the weight of the grade.
    So, when it comes to art, I was wondering what would be the best way to break that up since I don't anticipate there being much (if any) homework. I was thinking I would have them keep a journal, starting the class with a writing warm up to get them thinking about the project. I would also want them to take quizzes on relevant vocabulary and art history. Most importantly, of course, would be the actual projects.
    Thus, I was thinking: Projects 50%, Quizzes 20%, and Journal 30%.
    Of course, these would be broken down into smaller checkpoint grades. I also wanted to have a sketchbook assignment in place for early finishers so I'm not sure how that would factor in. But does that seem reasonable? What has worked for you all?
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    I include points for Class Participation (following directions, working well with others, using time & materials wisely, following classroom rules).
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    Consider this:
    50%: Project, Test
    30%: Quiz, Sketchbook
    20%: Participation, Classwork/Homework, Preparation

    Grading sketchbook activities is a good idea. (It is the equivalent of Quick checks/Warm-up assignments.) Since you are planning on sketchbook grades being rare, sketchbook should be graded as a quiz.
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    This is my breakdown:
    Projects: 60%
    Quizzes: 20%
    Participation: 20%

    Projects are graded on content, design, craftsmanship, and work habits specific to the project.
    Quizzes: covers content like art history, color theory, skills (linear perspective, chiraoscurro, etc.)
    Participation: sketchbooks (students also keep class notes here on art history and other content) clean up, studio day grades (when students are expected to work independently)

    My school division also requires a Midterm and Final exam worth 20% of the semester grade. I design the exam so that it is part multiple choice (art history, color theory, and elements and principles) and part practical application (linear perspective and drawing from observation).
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    I've never been an art teacher, but after reading some articles online, it sounds like your grading scheme may be a bit too academic for an art class. How does one assess a student's growth in the area of visual intelligence, creativity, appreciation for art? Here's an interesting discussion that may provide some insights on grading. Congratulations on your new job! What do you have planned for your opening presentation/activity?

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