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    Mar 18, 2002

    I teach 4's. At the end of the day we do sharing (show and tell). The parents/babysitters arrive early and are anxious to get the kids and the kids are anxious to leave. No one pays attention to sharing as soon as the parents arrive and they won't stay sitting on the floor. And then when they finally finish, my assistant (she's a year away from retiring and has very little education in the field) doesn't know how to keep them entertained while I dismiss the children. Any ideas on what I can have my assistant do to fill the time or help keep sharing running smoothly? I don't want to move my share time earlier (we're a half day program) and I think it's important for the kids to share everyday.
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    Mar 18, 2002

    Can you have your assistant dismiss the children while you continue the sharing process?
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    At all of the schools I have taught in, we have not allowed the parents in until it's the actual dismissal time. They must wait outside of the room until it is that time, regardless of how early they arrive. We have a closing circle, which is where you could do your sharing, and then we sing our goodbye song. My assistant or I will dismiss each child one by one, while the other sits with the children and just chats with them. Our dismissals always run real smoothly with this procedure. Hope this helps :)
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    Mar 20, 2002

    I also teach a half-day program 9 to 12 - we have are sharing time in the morning our schedule looks like this

    9:00 meet on playground, outside time until 9:30 (or so)
    9:30 come in, take off coats - get items, meet at circle
    for group time
    9:50/ 10:00- free choice center time/ projects/
    11:15 - clean up time
    11:30 -wash hands and have snack
    11:45 - group story
    11:55 -dismissal to get coats from cubbies and put
    things in backpacks
    12:00 - dismissal to parents

    All times are approximate, we also keep our doors closed until we are ready to dismiss (per order of the fire marshall, all our doors need to remain closed) anyway....after everyone has their belongings we meet back at "circle" and sing a group Goodbye song, THEN we open the doors and dismiss children as we see their caregiver/parent - adults are allowed to come into the room after the doors are open to see something their child wants to show them, but they are told in the beginning of the year those 3 hours are short and precious to us and we need to use every minute of it.
    If you are unable to close the doors, could you switch one part of your day with the sharing time, that way it is not at the end?
    Hope this helped a little

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