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Discussion in 'General Education' started by Pashtun, Jul 23, 2013.

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    My school is over 70 years old, and everything is dingy. I "doll up" my classroom, but my classroom is never "cutesy." My "theme" is the New Orleans Saints. I have three colors: black, gold, and white (other than the putty color on the walls, the blue door, the gray dry-erase board, brown-ish (old) blinds, and gray lockers). I have spent the past 3 days painting shelves and columns and a supply closet door, covering a set of shelves with fabric, and setting up the background of my bulletin boards. I am no where near finished. (I will post pics when I do :) ) The black shelves tend to make my room look bigger, which is a plus because my room is very small. I will not get the lockers painted this summer, but I may over Christmas. I will paint all of my lockers black - I did this in my last classroom, and the lockers looked great - 70 year old lockers that looked brand new! In addition, I used the locker space to show student work - 2 students per locker, and each student showcased one item on his/her locker.

    My "new" room was a storage room for 4-5 years. When it was first assigned to me, it was literally packed to the ceiling. That has since been rectified, thank God.

    I am not a cutesy person, so my room is not cutesy. My goal in "dolling up" my classroom is to take a dingy, run-down room and make it warm and inviting for both me and my students. I want us ALL to want to be there, and that, I believe, will positively impact student achievement. And no, I have no data on that.

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