Discipline Systems (PreK-K and possibly 2-3)

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    I work at an afterschool program mostly with PreK and K children. However, the program also has 1-7/8th graders there too. I am having a hard time getting the children to listen to me at times. Some times they are great and other times I try to tell them something and they just say "no" and laugh it off. We have used timeouts before and tell them that we will talk to their parents about their behavior and some care while others tend to act up. I might get moved into the 2nd/3rd grade group because the other staff member I work with contradicts a lot of the things I say I guess because she is older than me, but at the same time she breaks a lot of our programs rules/regulations.

    I was thinking about possibly making a chart where we can post up on a bulletin board around where the child get signed in/out. I was thinking that by allowing parents to see their childs status they can choose to ask me why they have received a red or yellow and I don't need to talk to each parent about their behavior unless it is serious. So I would use like a green, yellow, and red system and assign points to each ie. green=1, yellow=0, red=-1 and if they don't have so many points at the end of the week they won't get a prize and if they are in the negative by a lot they won't participate when we do a cooking, craft, etc.

    What do you think?

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