Discipline poems complete

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    Jul 24, 2007

    Here they are finally after 2 years of searching

    Cut and paste them for your own copy

    The Nameless Paper

    Shakespeare asked: “What’s in a name?”
    Ten points each paper, I proclaim
    Please sign your John Hancock here
    Or get a kleenex for your tear


    Please don’t speak without permission
    Or your hand will be in poor condition
    And your conduct grade will head south
    So quiet down or tape your mouth

    Paying Attention

    Pay attention because it’s free
    Listen, listen, I beg of thee
    In this life, there’s no free pass
    You cannot learn if you sleep in class

    Not Prepared For Class

    Pencil or paper, where art thou?
    I have to work, I need you now
    Please come back to me, my friend
    So that this misery will end


    One should show due respect
    A duty one should not neglect
    Sir and ma’am are what we say
    Or we will write this every day

    Hands, Feet, & Objects To Yourself

    Please don’t touch, slap, or hit
    Or your hand will hurt a bit
    Hurting others is not nice
    And, if you do, you’ll pay the price


    No homework today, I wonder why?
    Please don’t make excuses or start to cry
    Do your work and turn it in
    Or you will write this once again

    Calling Names

    I promise that I won’t call names
    I will not fuss or shift the blame
    Better choices will be made
    Or I’ll return to 2nd grade

    Unsigned Notes

    Take home notes for the folks to sign
    Or you’ll be sad at recess time
    Notes are sent for your own good
    So bring them back just like you should

    Following Directions

    Simple directions aren’t hard to follow
    But most excuses are hard to swallow
    Do what you’re told and give it a rest
    And trust that your teachers know best

    Talking In The Hall

    You were talking in the hall
    Or you were talking to a wall
    We all must pay for our crimes
    So please write this poem 50 times

    Leaning Back In Your Chair

    Please don’t lean back in your chair
    Or from me you’ll receive a glare
    When you fall, you are defenseless
    That hard floor will knock you senseless

    Fred Sanford Club(Messy Desk)

    We have this club to honor Fred
    His junkyard has long been dead
    That old red truck may be gone
    But your desk carries his tradition on

    Playing In Class

    One should never play in class
    If one really wants to pass
    The point is made, it should be clear
    Otherwise, come back next year

    Out Of Your Seat

    No one said to leave your seat
    So sit a spell, get off your feet
    No one here called for a clown
    Park it now or get tied down

    Tapping On Your Desk

    Tap, tap, tap, I hear a sound
    And now the culprit has been found
    The punishment will be a bummer
    Keep your day job, you’re no drummer

    Throwing Objects

    I’ve seen better arms on a chair
    About the rules, you must not care
    No one should behave this way
    There are laws you must obey

    Out Of Line

    Out of line, in more ways than one
    What happens now will not be fun
    Things will change, there is no doubt
    So shape it up, or ship it out


    Shame on you, why did you cheat?
    Perhaps this grade you should repeat
    A cheater never goes too far
    And all will know just who you are

    Foul Language

    One should never curse in class
    Words can hurt, offend, harass
    Now you’re on a slippery slope
    Where Mr. Mouth meets Mr. Soap

    Tuck In That Shirt

    Should we have a talk about your shirt?
    Tuck it in, what would it hurt?
    It really is an easy job
    You really don’t want to be a slob


    If I wasn’t mad, I would laugh
    Because this is your autograph
    You’ve gone too far, you’re out of line
    I asked for your mom or dad to sign

    Restroom Trouble

    There is one place we all must go
    The restroom, potty, or el bano
    Get in and out, don’t make us wait
    This is no place to congregate

    Bus Problems

    What did you do on that bus?
    You caused a mess, a stir, or fuss
    That yellow bus has its rules
    You now may have to walk to school


    Liar, liar, pants on fire
    My patience with you will soon expire
    I can’t believe the things you say
    The road you’re on leads the wrong way


    If your hand is caught in the cookie jar
    You’ll find yourself behind steel bars
    Life at school won’t seem too rough
    When your wrists are locked in cuffs

    Sent To The Office

    You were kicked out of the room
    You’re like a bomb when it goes boom!
    Why do you behave this way?
    What will your poor family say?

    Bad Cafeteria Manners

    This is a lunchroom, not a farm
    Were you raised in someone’s barn
    At the table, please be neat
    And please sit quietly in your seat


    You just can’t go and use your fists
    Every time that you get dissed
    When I look at you, I don’t see
    A Foreman, Frazier, or Ali

    Tardy Again

    Please try to get to school on time
    And everything will be just fine
    You really need to give your all
    Perhaps you need a wake-up call

    No book for class

    Libro, Libro, no esta aqui
    Trouble, trouble has found me
    I cannot read without a book
    And my teacher gives me evil looks

    No-show Jones
    Your new name is no-show Jones
    While we’re at school, you’re at home
    Right now the teachers are annoyed
    As an adult, you’ll be unemployed

    Chewing gum

    What do you think you’re doing
    Is that gum I see you chewing?
    You might chew yourself to death
    But at least you’ll have good breath

    Eating in class

    Hey there Mr. Crunch-n-munch
    We’re in class not at lunch
    You are being very rude
    Close your mouth, I see your food

    Skipping class

    I can’t believe you skipped class
    And I just cannot let it pass
    Frankly, what you did was weak
    This is school, not hide-and-seek

    Substitute teacher

    A substitute is a special guest
    So let me get this off my chest
    You know I love to bust a rhyme
    So you will write this 20 times

    Library behaviour

    The library is a quiet place to read
    And if you do, you will succeed
    We read up north and down south
    Open your book, not your mouth

    Passing notes

    We don’t pass notes or pass the buck
    It looks as if you’re out of luck
    What you did was not bright
    Now you have something real to write

    This is your home away from home
    Through the halls, you will not roam
    On your face I see a frown
    Life is not fun when you’re locked down

    Talking to the teacher

    Are you talking back to the teacher?
    You are a rude little creature
    Please learn how to co-exist
    Or you’ll end up on the indoor recess list

    Rolling Eyes

    It’s not polite to roll your eyes
    I think you better recognize
    It would be a shame if they got stuck
    Then you would be out of luck

    Wasting Time

    If time is money and money is time
    Then you wouldn’t have a dime
    I never even have to ask
    Because I see that you’re off-task

    Smacking Lips

    I don’t like those smacking lips
    Or those hands there on your hips
    Your behavior is very crude
    You’d better find a better mood

    Skipping Class
    Why do you want to ditch my class?
    That really is no way to pass
    Come to class, gain some knowledge
    Save the skipping until after college

    Stare Down

    A person should not scowl and stare
    Every time life seems unfair
    Be sure you want that choice made
    Because no one here will be afraid


    Legibility means able to be read
    Your writing hurts my eyes and head
    Poor writing leads to derision
    Unless you are a great physician

    Back Turner

    Don’t turn your back while I’m speaking
    Unless it’s trouble you are seeking
    In this class, we do things right
    Which means we’ll always be polite

    Uncovered Book

    Can’t judge your book by its cover
    It isn’t there, you need another
    The cover’s job is to protect
    Your poor book get no respect


    Borrow and steal are not the same
    Courtesy is the name of the game
    If you have to get a loan
    Give it back before you go home

    Teacher’s Desk

    My desk is like the Twilight Zone
    It’s better if it’s left alone
    I cannot stress this rule too much
    If it’s on my desk, do not touch!

    Noisy class

    Listen up girls and boys,
    You need to stop with all the noise.
    Pay attention, sit up straight,
    Or for recess, you'll be late.

    Shuffeling feet

    Was that a squeeky seat?
    Or the shuffeling of your feet?
    Freeze and hush, feet on the floor,
    Or cleaning the boards will be your chore.

    Hands on

    Hey! Don't push and shove,
    That behavior, I'm sick and tired of.
    Think with your heart, not your might,
    Disrespect is just not right.


    What foul sound upon the air,
    It sounds like someone who doesn't care
    I used to hear it all the time,
    But alas, I think it's only a whine.

    Homework not complete

    Missed doing your homework last night?
    Questions too hard? Answers not right?
    You need to try, give it a shot,
    And ask for help, when you don't feel so hot.
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    Jul 24, 2007

    Do you have students copy these poems?
  4. Momzoid

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    Jul 24, 2007

    WOW! :woot: That was great!
  5. czacza

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    Jul 24, 2007

    So many!! They made me laugh. :lol:
  6. h2omane

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    Jul 24, 2007

    There was a thread from 2 years ago that was started for classroom management for student misbehaviour.

    Instead of having the students write lines "bart simpson" style, they are given the poem at their desk and have to write it out during recess.

    I wrote the last 4, the thread generated the noisy class one, and another teacher (Bryan Wright) wrote all the rest. He dropped offline and teachers were emailing to find them. I received them from a teacher but they were in an unknown format. I converted them and then put them up here for all to cut and paste. Use them if you wish or pass them on to anyone needing a management system tweek.

    the orignal thread was here: #11 is about the poems

    have a great fall everyone!
    Mr. Skinner :D
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    Jul 24, 2007

    Clever. I like the idea of using a poem. I'd be careful with some of these though, some of them would sound like a threat. The poem idea is great though!
  8. h2omane

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    Jul 24, 2007

    which ones in particular?
  9. pamms

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    Jul 24, 2007

    Please don’t speak without permission
    Or your hand will be in poor condition
    And your conduct grade will head south
    So quiet down or tape your mouth

    What is going to happen to the kid's hand? I wouldn't mention tape..kids want to try that lol

    there was one about getting tied to a chair...

    there was one about using soap in the mouth...

    I'd have to read them all again lol...

    I just wouldn't put anything in writing...even in jest...that could look like you are threatening to do somethng that you wouldn't normally be allowed to do. It's just the times....gotta be careful.

    oh, and be sure you are allowed to take 10 points off for no name....that has been controversial here.
  10. pwhatley

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    Jul 24, 2007

    Those are FABULOUS, h2omane! Thank you so much!
  11. h2omane

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    Aug 7, 2007

    You're welcome :D
  12. MelissainGA

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    Aug 7, 2007

    These are wonderful :) I like several of them for my little angels (their halo's have started to tarnish and we need to get them shining again. We still have 172 days of school) They are very happy to be "back together" (14 of them looped with me) and are enjoying making the acquaintance of their new classmates. I just need them to wait until I have taught the reading and math lesson before they get started.
  13. etcetera83

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    Aug 8, 2007

    Yea you found them! Thanks!
  14. h2omane

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    Aug 8, 2007

  15. MelissainGA

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    Aug 8, 2007

    I adjusted the wording of one H2omane hope you don't mind:

    Please don’t speak without permission
    Or your hand will be in poor condition
    And your conduct grade will head south
    So quiet down and close your mouth

    I figure that the "or your hand will be in poor condition" has to do with the fact that they are going to be writing this so many times.
  16. Annie227

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    Aug 8, 2007

    I wondered that too, until I realized that these are meant for the student to copy multiple times. Writing a 4 lined poem enough times will start to hurt the hand.
  17. dumbdiety

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    Aug 8, 2007

    These are wonderful! Some of these are so getting printed out and posted on my walls... Thanks!
  18. h2omane

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    Aug 8, 2007

    I only wrote the last 3

    a teacher from the United States wrote the rest.

    It is explained in the posts above. from an original forum 2 years ago.

    Edit away, that is what each our brains are for, taking an idea and modifying it to suit your class.

    in Canada, most of the schools (i imagine) would frown on some of the wording as well. Brian Wright wrote them and has been using them in his classroom for some time, I imagine that some parents might have had issues with the wording but they also might be fine with them.

    Please edit them all you want if you are planning to use them for your class. IT is my hope that your class will not be writing them for very long for your dynamic management and classroom lessons will keep them out of mischief.

    All the best,
    Mr. Skinner :D
  19. MissFroggy

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    Aug 9, 2007

    I was told it was considered corporal punishment to make kids write something over and over again! Maybe it varies from state to state.
  20. h2omane

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    Aug 9, 2007

    why are they writing over and over again in the first place? they should only have to write it once. Once they write it, they should realize that they made a goof, and should learn from their mistake.

    instead of writing 25 lines of:
    I will raise my hand and wait to be called on

    they write a short and sweet 4 line poem.
  21. Buttons

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    Aug 9, 2007

    Do you think writing lines is a logical consequence though? I thought that we were trying to get away from this in the school system. Perhaps it would be more logical for a student to write a plan about their behaviour and how they plan on changing it.

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