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Discussion in 'General Education Archives' started by minimuscle, Nov 3, 2002.

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    Nov 3, 2002

    any ideas on how to teach regular education students (grades 2-3) about autism? I would like to focus on the abilities of these students. I would also like to have at least two activities that I can use to show them what it is like to have the disorder.
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    Nov 6, 2002

    Autism unit

    Some literature resources for you:

    "Ian's walk: a story about autism" by Laurie Lears -- a picture book, but good message ... basic "standard" characteristics portrated -- flapping, lining things up, sensory issues, etc.

    "Everybody is Different" by Fiona Bleach
    --> This is a book written for young people who have brothers or sisters with autism. It answers lots of basic questions ("Why does my brother or sister repeat the same things over and over?" "Why does __ not speak?" "Why does __ hurt him/herself / other people?") in straightforward language that kids understand.

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