dilemma...opinions, please (Sorry for the long post)

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    dilemma...opinions, please

    I had a student in my class this year who has some huge aggression/noncompliance issues. The issues moved into the classroom and resulted in four 2-day out of school suspensions, the police being called 3 times to help restrain the child, parents threatening to sue, a 5-day OSS because he assaulted a kindergarten student, and recommendation to his dad that he be referred for psychiatric services.

    I begged for help for the child, and after four months, the school psych finally agreed an EDBD referral was necessary.

    We had the m-team and IEP in February. We also developed a behavior intervention plan. The plans included the goal of his learning to comply and to express anger in an appropriate manner.

    The next day the special ed teacher started "shadowing" him in my classroom. He was now expected to comply per the IEP and behavior plan. He didn't. She didn't follow the IEP or BIP.

    Two days later, the social worker and director of pupil services came into my room...1:45 Friday afternoon, while the kids were out at recess...and told me he was going to be moved to a different classroom. I was completely taken by surprise. I didn't think moving him was in his best interest for several reasons, I told them the IEP team decided not to move him...I was told that it wasn't an IEP decision.

    I was in tears when they told me, but I was told I had no choice or input. The special ed teacher never even brought him back into the classroom after recess on Friday, and he was to start in the new classroom that day!!

    I talked with the teacher to whose room he was relocated. I showed her the IEP and BIP, talked about his academic levels, gave her his family history, etc.

    Okay...now for the dilemma part.

    His IEP and BIP are not being followed. If he doesn't want to participate in guided reading, he can draw or play tic-tac-toe with the aide. When she walks down the hall with him, she's tickling him or trying to make him laugh. Several times I've seen her walking with him standing on her feet and her arms wrapped around his shoulders. These are on good days!!

    In phy ed he got angry and threw some equipment; the aide was going to sit on the floor and hold him in her lap and sing to him (this has become the MO)...the gym teacher kicked him out. The aide came back later and asked if he could do the activity after school because he didn't think it was fair that he had to leave class.

    He's started talking baby talk. He doesn't participate in class. He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants. It's ridiculous. His new classroom teacher won't say anything because she's still on probation and afraid of being written up. He's gone backward, has no expectations, and is being taught to be a victim. It's breaking my heart.

    Do I talk to the principal? To the superintendent? Keep my mouth shut??? If his dad knew he was learning he could do what he wanted to and wasn't receiving instruction if he chose not to, he'd be irate. Should I tell his dad? By the way, his dad has chosen not to take him to a counsellor...he's doing so much better!! Dad doesn't know what's going on, just that the child isn't being aggressive or non-compliant. 'Magine that!!!

    Any words of wisdom, advice, ideas, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I am just on my way out but I just had to say the first thing that popped into my head after I read this. What has happened to the IEP? Has their been an IEP change. If I were you I would go the principal and tell him that this student needs an IEP change to reflect the changes in his program. GET YOUR NAME OFF OF THIS DOCUMENT!!! I would then suggest to the principal that he should, along with the sp.ed teacher meet with this new teacher and explain the IEP. The new assist. and the teacher have to be trained in employing the IEP/BIP.

    If I were you I would meet with the new teacher and explain to her the legalities of not following the IEP, especially since his father is a lawyer.... She should worry about this rather than being written up. The teacher will be the one held responsible if his IEP/BIP is not being followed if she is his primary teacher. I would also suggest to the new teacher to have the students' assistant document this students' behavior (antecedent, behavior exhibited, consequences.... A Functional Behavioral Analysis should also be done on this student.

    Returning him to Phys. Ed. after removal should occur but only after this student and assistant talk about his behaviors - what happened? What the student should have done? What will happen if it occurs again?... The student needs a chance to practice learnt skills. If singing will work as a calming down strategy then use it but write it in the IEP and the student still needs to evaluate his own behavior/the situation. I have had students listen to music on walkmans when upset to help them calm down. It would help if the specials teachers are aware of the BIP and steps to take when this child exhibits inapprop. behavior, this way the assistant knows she cannot do whatever she wants and she will held accountable.

    Why would they put this student in a classroom with a new teacher?! Talk with the new teacher. Give her suggestions as to what she could do with this student. If he does not participate in guided reading he should be given another reading activity, not games. She could decrease the time he does guided reading (ie 10 min. guided reading, 3 min. games, return to guided reading....) and slowly increase the time spent with guided reading.

    I give my problem student break cards (3-5 minutes depending on the activity, one of them is a treat card (3 M & Ms). He gets 4 cards for every assignment. He could use all 4 in a row but he still has to complete his assignment. Sometimes my other students get a break and he is still working and we just have to remind him that he has used up all of his break cards and that the other students have finished their assignment.

    To me it does not seem that the father is all too concerned. I would mention nothing to him since you are no longer directly involved with this student. Talking to his father will most likely get you in trouble. I would talk to the principal only after giving the new teacher a chance to talk to the assistant and to make changes to the way that she is working with this student.
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    oh my goodness, i cannot believe you are going through all of this. i am so sorry to hear that your school is dealing w/this issue in a completely inappropriate manner. i would definitely talk to your principal and superintendent, and definitely get your name off the iep. that is ludicrous that they are basically just letting this child do whatever he wants in the new classroom. and taking him back to gym after he has been kicked out? come on, that is absurd. all you are teaching this child is that he can act however he wants at school and still get to do what everybody else does. and that is not fair to him or the other kids. we, as schools, unfortunately have to teach consequences since apparently many parents can not do this anymore. the least your school can do is back you up and allow some sort of consistency to occur. which is definitely lacking in this child's home life. i'm sorry i don't have more advice to give. just wanted to let you know that i too think your situation is completely ridiculous. hang in there-only 2 more months of torture! -meri

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