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    One of my ELL groups is made up of a 4th grader and a 5th grader who are both non-verbal and another 5th grader who is much more verbal but still a level 1 ELL student. I am really trying to find ways to differentiate my teaching for their needs, but I'm finding this quite a struggle. I mean, they are all technically level 1, but their abilities are on opposite ends of the level (true beginners vs. almost ready for level 2). Right now we are working on prepositions. I have to bring the information so far down for the non-verbal students that the other one is bored and telling them all the answers. I need some suggestions on how to instruct at each of these levels simultaneously. I only have them for 30 minutes a day.
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    Are you able to split the group up in any way?
    Is it possible to give them all the same work, but scaffolded for the lower level 1's?

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