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Discussion in 'Fifth Grade' started by teaching4God, Oct 19, 2008.

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    Ok so I am a new teach and I really want to blow everybody away by using differentiated instruction. I have determined student learning styles and multiple intelligences. What in the world do I do next? I am at a loss and am having trouble finding sites and books to aide in this area. So i come to the pros looking for answers.
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    Google Carol Tomlinson. She's a leading author in the subject. I just taught our school's inservice on differentiated instruction. There are MANY things you can implement, but I suggest starting with groups that have tiered work. The kids should not know that they are grouped according to ability. Just tell them they are working as project groups, and each group has a different project. That will explain why they have different questions/problems/etc. Another easy way to differentiate is letting the kids choose the way they show knowledge because most kids will choose a product that they know they can excel in. I give a list of acceptable projects and let them choose their own. I never give the whole class a poster project, for example. They can choose from a list of about 20 different products (poster, play, menu, cereal box, video, rap, etc.) I hope that gets you started.

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