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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by chemteach55, Sep 15, 2009.

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    How do you differentiate education in your classroom? Do you allow different students to turn in different products? I have heard some of the greats in differentiated education (Diane Heacox, Rick Wormelli, Debbi Silver) at different conferences but I feel like I am not doing it "right." Just wondering what others are doing.
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    I give them a chance to complete assignments encompassing the same information in different ways.

    Let's say I am assigning them work on the structure of the atom. I will tell them to choose one of the following assignments:

    * Create a foldable to explain the parts of the atom. Include proton, neutron, electron and nucleus.

    * Make an illustrated, labelled poster of the atom. Define and label all parts.

    * In your own words, describe the structure of the atom.

    * Create a rap, or poem to describe the structure of the atom. Read, or perform it for the class.

    Each assignment results in the same information being covered, but allows students to choose which method suits them best.

    I also use the Teach!-OK! from Whole Brain Teaching to simultaneously differentiate for visual, auditory, and kinestethic learners. Besides that, it is a lot of fun, and really increases their retention level.
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    I do the same thing as PowerTeacher, but I also have lessons designed with questions for higher thinking levels and have students choose questions to generate the total points for the assignment. I have an independent project contract for those students who already know most of what I will be teaching for the unit. The choose a topic within the unit, decide the product, a timeline, and a parent signature.

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