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    Hi everyone!! Sheesh I haven't been here in years!! How have you all been??

    Question: I just interviewed for a job at the Devereux School in Rutland, Massachussetts and was wondering if any members have ever worked in any of the Devereux Programs before. The reason I am asking is because to complete my interview (which was initially over the phone), I have to go and teach a lesson. The problem is I live 6 hours away in Pennsylvania. I'm not entirely sure that it would be worth my while to travel that far for something that is not a sure thing. What are the salary and benefits like? Is it a positive environment to work in? What is the administration like and how do they treat their students/staff? Is there a lot of room for growth? Since it is a private school, do you have a contract and how long is that contract for? What is the program's general philosophy? I'm in the running for a position in the autism program there.:dizzy::huh:

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