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Discussion in 'Elementary Education' started by yearroundteach, Feb 23, 2013.

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    Another thread about the standing only classrooms got me thinking about my own classroom. For all the years I've been teaching I've tried many different things in my classrooms as far as desk arrangements, how and where students sit, etc. Most recently I got 1/2 a class set of ball chairs that rotate to students who want them each day.

    I've always been attracted to alternative classroom arrangements and making the classroom feel more like "home" for lack of a better word. What has stopped me from many of the ideas is exactly some of the concerns expressed in the standing classroom thread...not all students are comfortable standing, or sitting on the floor, or sitting on a ball, etc.

    This was a long winded way of getting to my point :whistle: which is that the standing classroom thread motivated me to revisit my classroom arrangement ideas. I am now considering having my room split into three seating arrangements (standing, sitting on the floor, and standard height desks with the balls and chairs). My question is how low and how high do the standard desks go? Do they go low enough to sit on the floor and high enough to stand at? I teach 2nd graders. I tried googling the information but couldn't find anything.
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    Mine go low enough to sit in a chair, but I don't think they go high enough to stand. Mine are the separate desks - 4 adjustable legs, and a space (shaped like the hole where a drawer would go) in which to keep their things.

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