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Discussion in 'Secondary Education' started by Camel13, Feb 7, 2018.

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    Newbie teacher again. I am the frequent poster with six preps in a small rural school. I love teaching and my school. I have a positive outlook and refuse to let negativity get me down, but I feel like I have reached a wall with my Biology class. This is my top subject. My major is Integrated Science and minor in Bio. My half-finished graduate degree is in Genetics. Suffice it to say, it is my favorite topic. My Biology class is composed of 16 students, 3 of which have IEPs, and 3 are pretty defiant above doing anything. I have at least 5 high achievers, meaning they learn no matter what and could teach themselves probably. The learning gap is particularly hard to bridge. I have an artistic background and understand that not everyone learns the same way, so I try to mix up lessons between labs, worksheets, lecture, and hands on craft style projects. I know the students that I need to focus the most on are the few middle learners and the ones that struggle, but they grump and dislike all my hands on projects, reaaalllly struggle to understand concepts that I think I am breaking down into bite-sized pieces. They honestly seem to do best just reading from the book, taking notes, doing a poor job on a test and repeat! These students have had a science teacher turnover every year for the past six or more years. So, they have no consistency or a pattern. I love my job and really want to help my students learn and love science as much as I do. I really feel stumped lately though. Suggestions?
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    They are not all going to love science no matter what you do. You have to lose that goal while still doing your best to provide interesting and effective lessons. I think it is a good idea to mix up the lessons in order to reach their different styles. You could also provide opportunities for choices among assignments for all levels.

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