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    How do you teach culture?
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    With a great deal of respect.......sounds like an elephant joke.

    (insert apology for poor spelling due to allergy congestion here)

    My class is a lot younger than yours, but I start by talking about our majority culture. The one you think that "everyone has". House, car, picket fence, 2.5 kids, a on.

    Then we (remember we are little) spend a lot of hands on time examining how each of our own families is actually much different that the sterotypical family ideal. That you could probably do in one day!!

    From there, I usually tread very lightly. After the children have shared about their homes, traditions and so on you may find out that you have some wonderful resources. If you know about any of those topics you can share what you know (but not in a "I know everything way". If you don't-discover together. But never in the "I know" way. That makes you look like the offical representative of whatever, and since you will inevitably say something different than someone's understanding of the issue - it will never pay off.

    Then discuss with the children how it is ok to be different, how that makes us all better and so on.

    I would use the Olympics Opening Ceremony to begin this!! What a great lead in.

    We also taste lots of different foods and discover that they are all sold in our markets-but they didn't all start here. Other food that you think of as being someone else's ( I love to look at spaggetti) is really from here. Well, here is the spaggetti story tomato goes to Spain and over to Italy from New World. Noddles come from China via Marco Polo and volia.... a new dish is created. Pizza and fortune cookies were actually created in America, but the children don't know that intially.

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    I love your ideas Waprovider. I think they would work with preschoolers all the way up to college students!

    One really neat thing our school did last year was have a family culture night. Each family brought a dish from their own culture to share with other families. It was quite a feast, very educational, and a lot of fun. If they didn't know their culture, they just picked one.
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    We celebrate culture by observing the various heritage months during the school year:
    September -- Hispanic
    October -- European
    November -- Native American
    February -- African American
    March -- Women
    April -- Asian/Pacific Islanders

    We are required to do at least on activity relating to the culture of these peoples. I usually incorporate a read aloud based on the culture and then either a craft or food tasting. The children really seem to like it.

    We also have a fact each day about the specific culture on our morning announcements.

    I hope this helps.

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