CSET Subtest II MS- Best Prep?

Discussion in 'Multiple Subject Tests' started by Alyssa20, Dec 6, 2017.

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    I'm terrible at math and science...I passed my CBEST thanks to my high score in reading/writing (I got a 39 on the CBEST Math...thankfully I scored high enough in the reading/writing my overall score passed me). But with the subtest II...I dont have reading/writing to help me out :( I am just terrified that this test will ruin me. I'm scheduled to take it January 22nd...I figured a month to study will be good (I hope).

    I bought the CliffNotes study guide 4th ED (which is the newest), but is there any other resources? Is Teacher Test Prep Online Core Programs good? Or is there any other sources that will help me? Also...how long should I study? I passed my Subtest 3 already, and I just studied for 2 weeks for about 1hr a day. That was easy for me though since I have my degree in Child Development.

    Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    Using Cliffs to help you organize your study can work well, but the ultimate goal here is for you to get comfortable enough with math and science to help kids be comfortable with them. Think of both science and math as kinds of language to help us explain how our world works. YouTube videos can be very helpful, and Free Technology for Teachers (www.freetech4teachers.com) is a good source for videos, websites, and apps; hands-on science museums are all around and can be fun places to go with a handful of science terms for which to find examples. During back-to-school season my local Costco once again carried the DK books Help Your Kids With Science and Help Your Kids With Math; chances are that they'd serve you well, and chances are also good that they'll be on Costco's website.
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