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Discussion in 'Music Teachers' started by robinsky, Jun 8, 2009.

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    Jun 8, 2009

    I am a 1st year teacher, 7th grade math. When my own kids were in elementary school, I taught (as a volunteer) the school chorus for 8 years. Now I am thinking it would be fun to teach middle school chorus, but to do that I'd have to pass the cset, and I can't play piano, so I'd have to learn enough piano to pass.

    My question is, how hard is that keyboard component? And how hard is the rest of the test? (I'd also have to bone up on music theory and genres). Is this something impossible that I want to do?
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    Looking at the website it appears that you would be sent the stuff in advance and you'd tape yourself playing for the performance aspect of it.

    It may be challenging but being able to do it at your own pace might help a bit. Everything else wouldn't be bad because it'd just be studying and memorizing.

    There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of music teachers on this forum, but hopefully someone else can still help you out more!
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    Middle school chorus! :eek: The thought of teaching middle school freaks me out! :p
    I'm in Ohio & did not have to take a music test (just one on general teaching techniques). My keyboard skills are definitely something I'd like to work on. You could take private lessons at a local music store to help you prepare.
    Is there a specific position opening? The only reason I mention it is b-c here music jobs are hard to find. It took me years to get into a public school. In my district there are only 6 music/ choir/ band teachers out of 250 teachers. In Ohio we're certified to teach any music K to 12 so you could wind up with choir or gen music or band or orchestra. If there isn't an opening I would suggest volunteering with a school musical or local theater. (If your school doesn't have a musical maybe start one. You can buy canned recordings or get an accompaniment so your piano skills aren't an issue. We started musicals at my school this year and had our P play for one and a canned recording for the other.)
    Good Luck!!! :D

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